A nostalgic and romantic route connecting Shimizu Port and the Miho Peninsula

Shimizu Port Water Bus

Course Guide

Explore Shimizu and Miho by Water Bus!

Course Guide

The Water Bus is used by local residents to get to work or school on a daily basis. On weekends, the Water Bus becomes a popular means of travel for sightseers who want to experience the unique atmosphere of traveling by boat.
Many people come to enjoy a short cruise, in combination with rental bicycles, bicycle sharing services, and fixed route buses. The port looks totally different from on the sea.

Ship / Cabin Information

Enjoy the real experience of sailing on a small ship!

The Verkehr
The KS

The Verkehr
The KS

These two boats look exceptionally small in Shimizu Port, a port of international trade where large ships in the thousands or tens of thousands of tons arrive and depart every day. The blue boat is the Verkehr and the green boat is the KS. They appear identical like twins, and both are in active use as water buses.
Both boats offer a line of sight from the guest cabins that is nearly at sea level. They offer a smooth and comfortable ride that lets you feel the waves on the sea and the breeze in the air as if you were right on the water. There is also an open deck in the back of the ship.
Bicycles can also be loaded on board.

The Verkehr The KS

  • Length

    14.38 m 18.38 m

  • Gross Tonnage

    18 t 15 t

  • Service Speed

    8 knots 8 knots

  • Capacity

    (in smooth waters)
    (in smooth waters)

Depending on circumstances, other vessels may be substituted without notice.